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European Platform to combat homelessness

The last June, at the high-level conference in Lisbon, European Institutions, EU governments and civil society have launched the European Platform on Combatting Homelessness to promote dialogue, mutual learning, debate,...

A setting for sharing power

The last one of our first sessions of videocast is on air! In this brief video, professor Curto debates the importance of our intervention setting. To adopt the enabling co-planning...


On the fourth videocast of the HOOD project, Professor Marchisio proposes a useful metaphor to clarify how enabling co-planning works. If a person cannot walk and they want to go...

Enabling co-planning: who gives priorities?

We released the third videocast coming from our training event on the enabling co-planning approach. Professor Natascia Curto, from the University of Turin, discusses here a core element of this...

Anticipatory Dialogues: dreaming of a happy future

Our second videocast is on air! Professor Marchisio, from the University of Turin, introduces the dialogical practices that represent a reference for the enabling co-planning approach. Anticipatory Dialogues are a...

Sharing our words

"Shelter" is not a "rifugio", unless it is in the mountain. A "sin hogar" person is also "αστεγοι"? What do you mean by "skadesreduktion"? We are professionals from five different countries,...

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Discovering the Enabling Coplanning

The HOOD project aims to incorporate the Enabling Coplanning Approach in early intervention with homeless people. What is the Enabling Coplanning? What does it share with the Dialogic Practices? What...

Mr. and Mrs. HOOD

The pilot phase of our project has started! The University of Turin has coordinated an initial online training event on the Enabling Coplanning approach and the Dialogical Practices. Soon we will...


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