Athens, Greece

KLIMAKA is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, founded in 2000, proactive in both the provision of mental health services and the implementation of social inclusion programs for excluded groups in Greece and abroad. We believe and work for a world where solidarity and collective action aim to combat the causes of exclusion and inequality. The core of our actions: democracy, social justice, public interest, sustainability, solidarity, and human rights. 

KLIMAKA operates:

  • 11 Residential Care Units & Protected Apartments in Greece for people with mental disorders
  • Homeless Support Program: KLIMAKA has been working actively on the problem of homelessness since 2000, by implementing an integrated program to provide specialized services to the homeless.
  • Mobile Mental Health Unit 
  • Day Centres for Roma, Refugees and Asylum Seekers & Greek Muslims
  • Suicide Prevention Centre & 24-Hour Suicide Prevention Line – 1018 
  • Klimax Plus, Klimaka’s affiliated Social Cooperative, founded in 2005 as a continuation of the “Klimax” cooperative (founded in 1996) develops sustainable and evolving business activities in the direction of social and green economy, by improving the quality of life, support the socio-economic rehabilitation and enhance the social participation of socially excluded persons.


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