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Last videocasts from HOOD

Close to the end of the HOOD project, we release our last videocasts shot in Athens! The videos collect the point of view of social workers partners of HOOD concerning...

Power, Dreaming and Self-Determination

The HOOD project is coming to an end, and to give you a worthy conclusion we have organized an inspiring conference in Turin on June 5 and 6! Italian and...

Sharing the results of HOOD in Greece

Klimaka recently published a short article on the HOOD project, focusing in particular on the Intervision approach taken. The article, written in Greek, reached over 2,000 followers of Klimaka's newsletter,...

Insights from Intervision

Recently, we have often told you about the Intervision methodology. This approach to peer support and learning has won us over! Today we want to share with you why, telling...

Postcards from Barcelona

Our Catalan partners are talking about the HOOD project! Nina Colom, Lucia Ortin and Maria Ventayol, social workers from SJD Serveis Socials, recount their learning experience within the HOOD project...

Call for paper!

Call for paper! Last week to send proposals for the final conference of the HOOD project, to be held in Turin on 5th and 6th of June! The invitation is open...

Beneficiaries’ point of view on HOOD

After two years since the implementation of the Enabling Co-planning approach, we felt the need to explore the views of the ultimate beneficiaries of the project. We collected qualitative interviews...

They are talking about us!

An article about the HOOD project was just published in Projekt Udenfor's annual magazine. The magazine is published both digitally on Udenfor's social channels and in print. The printed version...


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