These have been two intense years of work for the HOOD project. We got to know a new approach to social work: Enabling Co-planning, inspired by Open Dialogue. We studied it, we tried to apply it in our daily work with homeless people, we struggled with it and we shared our enthusiasm. Above all, we discovered that it is not just a methodology, but a perspective that requires questioning the very principles of traditional social work. This is not the end of the story: in the coming year, we will continue on this path, with an increasingly confident and experienced walk.
Today, however, we want to share the story of this first part of the road travelled. On the HOOD website, you will find the “intermediate methodological toolkit”, which gathers together what we have done so far in our work with Enabling Co-planning. It is a vibrant document, and we have translated it into all the project languages because we hope that sharing this experience will be helpful for others professionals too!

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