Copenhagen, Denmark

Projekt UDENFOR is a nonprofit organization based in Denmark that works to improve the living standards of homeless rough sleepers. It was established in the spring of 1997 by MD Preben Brandt, inspired by the observation that the official social security system is not always able to reach every marginalized citizen who, for one reason or another, has dropped out of the system. The name ‘Projekt UDENFOR’ (Project Outside) refers to the fact that we see ourselves as a project-oriented organization; the word ‘OUTSIDE’ refers to the fact that we literally work outside, that we work outside the official public system, and that we deal with a marginalized group of people, who are ‘outsiders’ to society in general.

Daily work
The organization’s daily work balances on “two legs” – outreach social work in the streets as well as knowledge gathering, dissemination and debate-creating activities. Thereby project OUTSIDE is constantly working to improve the conditions for the individual homeless rough sleeper we meet on the street and to create an understanding of exclusionary factors in society in order to reduce them. Our main work is in Copenhagen, but we also have a project in the city of Aarhus.

We share knowledge in various networks in Denmark and internationally in the FEANTSA network, and we are continuously launching ad. hoc. projects to further develop methods to bring homelessness to an end. In the year of 2021, we have ‘Locker room’ as a method-developing project. All projects and activities that project OUTSIDE launches contain a concrete and practical street plan effort and a knowledge and dissemination dimension.


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